This is an off-meta Dual Wield Stamina Necro build that utilizes the strengths of malacath and proc sets.  It uses NO spammable!



  • Race: Any stamina oriented race

  • Attributes: Stamina: 64

  • Mundus: Warrior or Serpent

  • Food: Lava Foot Soup and Saltrice

  • Potion: Tri-Pots or Essence of Immovability

  • Poisons:  Escapist's Poison IX  (front bar)



Note:  Escapist or Double Dot Poisons on front bar.






Blighted Blastbones.png

This summons a skeleton that smashes into enemies dealing big burst damage.  It also applies major defiles reducing healing received and health recovery by 16%.

Resolving Vigor.png

A strong heal over time for yourself.

Blood Craze.png

Weapon Skill

Dual Wield

This causes a bleed damage over time on a single target and heals you for its duration.  Note: If you use Rending Slashes instead for the snare, change your poison to Double Dot.

Channeled Acceleration.png

Guild Ability

Psijic Order

This is an instant ability that removes snares and immobilizations while buffing you with Major Expedition for 4 seconds.  This also uses Magicka rather than Stamina so it doesnt drain your primary damage resource.  As a side benefit it gives you access to the Psijic passive Concentrated Barrier on the front bar, giving you a damage shield when you block.

NOTE:  As an alternative you can also use Quick Cloak from the Dual Wield skill line if you don't have the Psijic skill line unlocked, but Race Against Time is the superior option due to all of its utility.

Whirling Blades.png

Weapon Skill

Dual Wield

This is a spinning AOE execute ability that deals up to 100% more damage to enemies with less than 50% Health.

Dawnbreaker of Smiting.png

This does huge burst damage to enemies in front of you, stuns them, applies a powerful damage overtime effect, and gives you passive extra weapon damage from the Fighter's Guild skill line passive ability Slayer.

NOTE: The Necromancer Grave Lord ultimate Pestilent Colossus is a fantastic alternative when playing with a premade or on smaller maps.



Mortal Coil.png

Necromancer Skill Tree

Living Death

This conjures a spirit that stays with you for 16 seconds.  It heals you or an ally with the lowest health every 2 seconds.  It also transfers 10% of the damage you take to the spirit.

I personally do not prefer the other morph, Intensive Mender, as its duration is only half the time (8 seconds) requiring more applications for uptime, which means more mid-combat bar swaps pulling you away from doing damage.  It also doesn't have the 10% damage transfer mechanic.  This build already has plenty of healing power to not warrant the use of Intensive Mender.


Weapon Skill

Two Handed

This buffs you with Major Brutality and Minor Endurance increasing your weapon damage by 20% and your stamina recovery by 10%.  It also heals you when it ends or is re-casted.  The longer it is active, the larger the heal will be.

Summoners Armor.png

This gives you the very important buff of Major Resolve which makes you very tanky by increasing your physical and spell resistances.  It also reduces the cost of your summon abilities (Blighted Blast Bones and Spirit Mender) by 15%.

Mortal Coil.png

This tethers you to a corpse healing you and allies in the tether with a strong heal overtime, restores stamina, and increases your healing done by 3%.


Weapon Skill

Two Handed

This is your gap closer + bleed damage from the vMA weapon.  Open with this ability from the back bar to proc your unleashed set, then bar swap and begin applying dots.

Ravenous Goliath.png

This transforms you into a huge Goliath increasing your max health by 30,000 and healing you for 30,000.  While transformed your light/heavy attacks restore health and you deal aoe damage in an aura around you which heal you for the damage done.

NOTE:  This is for use in an emergency or when suddenly largely outnumbered.  Most times you will be better off using your front bar ultimate to land a kill.  Most competent players will just run away from you and ignore you once you transform if it is a 1v1 type of situation, essentially wasting your ultimate.


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