templar healer badge.png

This is a tanky PvP healer with a hybrid damage kit using gear that is relatively easy to obtain.  It performs well in high MMR BGs and both CP and no CP overworld PvP.


This a One Bar Stamina Templar that can parse over 83k+, clear Vet Maelstrom/Vateshran Arena, casual play, veteran trials, requires NO trial gear, and very easy to play! ​

1b MAGPLAR.png

This is a One-Bar Magicka Templar build capable of  soloing any overworld content, delves, public dungeons, and participating in dungeons, veteran dungeons, basic trials, using entry level basic crafted gear and cheap jewelry.


Live Stream Schedule:

  • Tuesday - Friday: Stream starts mid-day central time.

  • Saturday: Time varies.

  • Sunday: Time varies.

  • Monday: Off