This is the ULTIMATE Magicka Sorcerer One Bar build.  It is capable of over 80k DPS, uses NO trial gear, and has a very simple rotation!  You have to check this out!

1b MAGSORC2.png

This is a 1 bar PvE Magicka Sorcerer build with very cheap and easy to obtain gear for new players and experienced alike. It parses 50+k with 2 buttons in crafted gear and no monster set and has an optional back bar for simple AoE. You can learn the mechanics of DPS or improve your game play with building a solid simple foundation!

1b STAMORC2.png

This is a 1 bar Stamina Sorcerer build for new and experienced players. It features a gear set for new players for both solo content and group dungeons as well as an advanced gear set up for content like Veteran Maelstrom Arena.

1b BOWORC2.png

This is a 1 bar easy PvE bow Stamina Sorcerer for overworld content, delvs, public dungeons, world bosses, dungeons, and veteran dungeons. It is very flexible allowing you to use most races and stamina orientated gear sets and also performs well at lower CP!


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