This a One Bar Stamina Templar that can parse over 71k+ (or 55k+ with NO light attacks), clear vma, do anything from casual play to veteran trials, requires NO trial gear, and it very easy to play! This is a great build for newer players to learn the mechanics of the game or experienced players alike who want to enjoy the game with less stress than a 2 bar build and complex rotations.

Video guide located at the bottom of the page.



  • Race: Orc, Redguard 

  • Attributes: 64 Points in Stamina

  • Mundus: Shadow

  • Food: Artaeum Takeaway Broth

  • Potion: Essence of Weapon Power



Note:  The duel wield bar is for the advanced set up and the two handed bar is the cheaper option for beginners.  Likewise, the bloodthirsty trait on the jewelry is an advanced set up and for parsing, the beginner set up would use the robust trait. 





Templar Skill Tree

Restoring Light

This passively helps your health, magicka, and stamina sustain.  It also allows you to gain 3000 health and stamina on use from every fallen enemy.

This is your main burst heal that also gives a short heal over time.

Templar Skill Tree

Aedric Spear

This is your main spamable.  It does aoe and single target damage, slows your enemy, buffs you with additional  weapon critical rating, and heals you on critical strikes when your Briarheart set procs.

Templar Skill Tree

Restoring Light

This places a huge golden circle on the ground that removes 2 negative effects from you, heals you, damages enemies, and gives your group members a synergy to remove all negative effects and heal them.

Templar Skill Tree

Dawn's Wrath

This is a debuff that does a bit of initial damage, then copies damage and explodes for a burst of additional damage after 6 seconds.  It also applies Minor Fracture and Minor Breach to the enemy, reducing their resistances.

Templar Skill Tree

Aedric Spear

This is your ultimate.  It does a big burst of damage to enemies around you, applies a short damage over time to enemies that increases in duration for each enemy hit, and empowers your light attacks during this duration.  It is very cheap at only 75 ultimate and will be available constantly, use it often.



For the advanced set up for maximum damage you'll replace Repentance for Barbed Trap and Resolving Vigor for Camouflaged Hunter.

This is a trap you place at the enemies feet.  It does damage over time to the enemy and also buffs you with Minor Force, increasing your Critical Damage by 10%.  It also increases your weapon damage by 3% from the Fighter's Guild passive: Slayer

This passively buffs you with Major Savagery, but you already have this buff from Biting Jabs.  You are using this ability for its passive effect of buffing you with Minor Berserk when you land a critical strike from an enemies flank, increasing your damage by 8%.  It also increases your weapon damage by 3% from the Fighter's Guild passive: Slayer.


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