This is a one bar Stamina build for both new and experienced players alike. This uses very cheap and easy to obtain entry level crafted gear and capable of parsing 55k+ with 1 button!

You can either very simply learn the mechanics of DPS, light weaving, and rotations with this build as a new player, or improve your game play if you are struggling with dps rotations by stripping everything down to basics and building from a solid foundation!

Video guide located at the bottom of the page.



  • Race: Orc, Breton

  • Attributes: 64 Points in Stamina

  • Mundus: Shadow

  • Food: Dubious Camoran Throne

  • Potion: Any stamina potion




Night Mothers Gaze

Hunding's Rage


Note:  Ideally you want Nirnhoned on your weapon for maximum damage but this can be expensive.  Infused is a cheaper alternative for new players.





Warden Skill Tree

Animal Companions

this buffs you with Major Brutality and Sorcery increasing your weapon and spell damage by 20%.  It also restores stamina over time and purges 1 negative effect from you every 5 seconds.

Warden Skill Tree

Animal Companions

This passively buffs you with Minor Berserk increasing your damage by 8%.  On activation, it buffs you with Major Expedition increasing your movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds.

Warden Skill Tree

Animal Companions

After 3 seconds this fires a line of shalks that slams into enemies doing burst damage and afflicting them with Major Fracture, reducing their physical resistances.

This passively buffs you with Major Savagery, but you already have this buff from Biting Jabs.  You are using this ability for its passive effect of buffing you with Minor Berserk when you land a critical strike from an enemies flank, increasing your damage by 8%.  It also increases your weapon damage by 3% from the Fighter's Guild passive: Slayer.

Weapon Ability

Two Handed

This is your spamable.  It does aoe damage which gives you a damage shield for 6 seconds.  Each enemy hit, up to 6, increases the shield strength by 50%, up to a max of 300%.

Warden Skill Tree

Animal Compan

This pet tanks enemies, does single target and periodic aoe damage which also stuns its targets.  Activating this ability causes the guardian to do burst damage to a target.  The guardian also deals 100% more damage to enemies below 25% health.



Replace Subterranean Assault for this ability.  This is a trap you place at the enemies feet.  It does damage over time to the enemy and also buffs you with Minor Force, increasing your Critical Damage by 10%.  It also increases your weapon damage by 3% from the Fighter's Guild passive: Slayer

Weapon Ability

Two Handed

Replace Brawler with this ability.  This is your maximum damage spammable. After each use, it empowers your next light attack by 40%.

Warden Skill Tree

Green Balance

If you are playing in solo or group content and need more self healing, replace Camouflaged Hunter with this ability.  This will heal you when you take damage and burst heal you when it expires or you reactive it.


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