This a One Bar Stamina Necro (StamCro) build that is fun and easy to play with a unique playstyle. It is very tanky and pumps out great damage. This will work in entry level crafted gear and more experienced gear sets up. Whether you are a solo player or want to conquer vMA, if you like Necromancers and one bar builds, this is the build for you!

Video guide located at the bottom of the page.



  • Race: Breton, Orc

  • Attributes: 64 Points in Stamina

  • Mundus: Shadow

  • Food: Dubious Camoran Throne

  • Potion: Any base stamina potion or Tri-Pots.  Essence of Weapon Critical for maximum damage.



Note: This is the best build for a new player without access to a monster set and gives you the most power for the cheapest cost.



Note: Use the Hunding's Rage set if you do not yet have access to Viscous Ophidian/Serpent



Note:  If you have less than 810 CP, check out the "EZ CP" link at the top of the screen.



This tethers you to a corpse healing you and allies in the tether with a strong heal overtime, restores stamina, and increases your healing done by 3%

Weapon Skill

Two Handed

This buffs you with Major Brutality and Minor Endurance increasing your weapon damage by 20% and your stamina recovery by 10%.  It also heals you when it ends or is re-casted.  The longer it is active, the larger the heal will be.

Weapon Skill

Two Handed

This is your spammable.  It does aoe damage which gives you a damage shield for 6 seconds.  Each enemy hit, up to 6, increases the shield strength by 50%, up to a max of 300%.

This summons a skeleton that smashes into enemies dealing big burst damage.  It also applies major defiles reducing healing done by 30%

This tethers you to a nearby corpse dealing damage over time to enmies near the corpse and in the tether.  If it lasts its full duration, it will explode for additional burst damage.  This also increases your damage by 3%.

This summons a huge colossus minion to smash and bash your enemies for massive damage and applying Major Vulnerability for 8 seconds, increasing their damage taken by 30%


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