This is a one bar PvE Stamina Nightblade (StamBlade) for both new and experienced players. I have 2 gear variations for new and experienced players and a few skill alternatives to help fit the content you are doing.  This is great for solo content, dungeons, and vMA.

Video guide located at the bottom of the page.



  • Race: Redguard, Orcc, Khajiit

  • Attributes: 64 Points in Stamina

  • Mundus: Shadow

  • Food: Dubious Camoran Throne

  • Potion: Basic stamina potions or Tri-Pots. 




Night Mother's Gaze

Hunding's Rage


Note: This is the best build for a new player without access to a monster set and gives you the most power for the cheapest cost.



Note: Use the Hunding's Rage set if you do not yet have access to Viscous Ophidian/Serpent



Note:  If you have less than 810 CP, check out the "EZ CP" link at the top of the screen.



You are using this ability for its passive effect of buffing you with Major Savagery increasing your Critical Strike Rating, Minor Berserk when you land a critical strike from an enemies flank, increasing your damage by 8%.  It also increases your weapon damage by 3% from the Fighter's Guild passive: Slayer.

Weapon Ability

Two Handed

This buffs you with Major Brutality and Minor Endurance increasing your weapon damage by 20% and your stamina recovery by 10%.  It also heals you when it ends or is re-casted.  The longer it is active, the larger the heal will be.

This is your main spammable.  It does great damage and if you are flanking an enemy, shreds their armor, stuns, and sets them off balance.

This causes your right and heavy attacks to heal you and restore stamina.  It also restores additional stamina when the effect ends.

Once activated, this reduces your damage taken by 2% per light attack up to a maximum of 10%.  While it is active, after 5 light attacks, this will convert into a new ability, Assassin's Scourge.  This will allow you to use the ability again for huge burst damage and healing you for 33% of the damage done if the enemy is nearby.

This ultimate deals disease damage and causes the target to take 20% more damage from your attacks for 6 seconds.  If used while over 120 ultimate, it will also silence the target for 3 seconds.  this ability passively buffs you with Reave, causing you to restore 100 magicka and stamina when you light or heavy attack to an enemy with a negative effect on them.



Use the same bar as the front bar with the following changes:

Original Ability: Camouflaged Hunter. 

Using this ability places a rune on the ground that decreases your damage taken, increases your stamina regen, and applies a very fast ticking heal over  time for its duration.  It also passively gives you weapon damage from the Fighters Guild passives.

Weapon Ability

Two Handed

Original Ability:  Surprise Attack.

This is your spammable.  It does aoe damage which gives you a damage shield for 6 seconds.  Each enemy hit, up to 6, increases the shield strength by 50%, up to a max of 300%.


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