This is a one-bar Magicka Templar build able to clear solo overworld content as well as regular and most veteran dungeons.  It uses entry level crafted gear that any new player can obtain cheaply from guild traders. 

Video guide located at the bottom of the page.



  • Race: Breton, High Elf

  • Attributes: 64 Points in Magicka

  • Mundus: Shadow

  • Food: Witchmother's Potent Brew

  • Potion: Any magicka potion




Law of Julianos

Grace of the Ancients

Magnus' Gift

Note: Magnus Lightning Staff also will work well if you prefer it





Templar Skill Tree

Restoring Light

This places a rune on the ground which buffs you with Major Resolve increasing Physical and Spell Resistance by 5280.  It also gives you 240 magicka per second.  Also, standing IN the rune increases your overal Physical and Spell Resistances by 50%

Templar Skill Tree

Restoring Light

This is your main heal.  It returns 60% of the cost if used when under 75% HP.  You typically only need to use this once.

Templar Skill Tree

Dawn's Wrath

This pulses an AOE from around your body.  You can bring your AOE damage to your target rather than having to keep laying a ground AOE down as enemies shift around.  It also buffs your light attack damage by 40%.

Templar Skill Tree

Aedric Spear

This is your main spammable referred to as "jabs."  It is your main source of both single and multi target damage.  It heals you for 40% of the damage you cause and snares the closest enemy's movement speed by 40%.  Usually when you are in trouble, it is best to keep spamming jabs to keep a steady source of healing incoming.

Templar Skill Tree

Dawn's Wrath

This places a shield on you for 4 seconds that causes enemy's direct attacks to heal you and reduce their movement speed by 60%.  In most situations, Living Dark and spammiing Jabs is enough to heal through most sources of damage.

Templar Skill Tree

Aedric Spear

This is our ultimate. It is very cheap at only 72 ultimate and will be available constantly.  It does a big burst of damage to enemies around you, increased damage to enemies in front of you, and place a short damage over time effect on enemies hit.


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