This is a one bar Magicka DK build. This will get you through any overworld content, dungeons, and even more basic vet dungeons in a fun fire-themed play style!  It uses entry level crafted gear!

Video guide located at the bottom of the page.



  • Race: Breton, High Elf

  • Attributes: 64 Points in Magicka

  • Mundus: Shadow (damage), Atronach (sustain).

  • Food: Witchmother's Potent Brew

  • Potion: Any magicka potion




Law of Julianos

Grace of the Ancients

Magnus' Gift

Note:  A Magnus Inferno staff will also work great and will provide a bit more single target damage.





This places a rune on the ground which buffs you with Major Resolve increasing Physical and Spell Resistance by 5280.  It also gives you 240 magicka per second.  Also, standing IN the rune increases your overal Physical and Spell Resistances by 50%

Slotted for the passives of: Increased max magicka by 5% and Minor Prophesy which increases spell critical by 2191.  This ability is not actually pressed.

Weapon Ability

Destructuion Staff

This is your main spammable in all situations both single target and AOE.

This does flame damage over time, inflicts the burning status effect, and heals you when the DOT ends or you reapply it.

This makes your character breathe out a cone of flames causing fire damage over time and makes enemies take increased flame damage.

This causes you to leap and smash into all enemies dealing flame damage, knocking enemies back, stunning them, and giving you a damage shield for 6 seconds.


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