This is a one bar Magicka PVE build for both new and experienced players alike. This uses very cheap and easy to obtain entry level crafted gear and will also work with more advanced gear set ups.

Video guide located at the bottom of the page.



  • Race: Breton, High Elf

  • Attributes: 64 Points in Magicka

  • Mundus: Shadow

  • Food: Witchmother's Potent Brew

  • Potion: Any magicka potion




Law of Julianos

Grace of the Ancients

Magnus' Gift

Note: Magnus Lightning Staff also will work well if you prefer it





Warden Skill Tree

Animal Companions

This buffs you with Major Brutality and Sorcery increasing you weapon and spell damage by 20%.  It also restores magicka over time and purges one negative effect from you every 5 seconds.

Warden Skill Tree

Animal Companions

This passively buffs you with Minor Berserk increasing your damage by 8%.  On activation, it buffs you with Major Expedition increasing your movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds.

Slotted for the passives of: Increased max magicka by 5% and Minor Prophesy which increases spell critical by 2191.  This ability is not actually pressed.

Warden Skill Tree

Animal Companions

After 3 seconds this fires a line of shalks that crash into the enemy for big burst damage.  It also inflicts Major Breach to enemies hit, reducing their spell resistances.

Weapon Ability

Destruction Staff

This is your main spammable in all situations both single target and AOE.

Warden Skill Tree

Animal Companions

This bear pet tanks enemies, does single and occasional aoe damage, and upon activation does burst damage.  The guardian deals 100% more damage to enemies below 25% health.  It will automatically respawn if killed.


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