This a One Bar Magicka Necromancer for both new players and experienced players looking for something fun and different. It uses zero light attacks with a lightning, frost, and minion summon theme. It is very tanky and pumps out great damage. This will work in entry level crafted gear and more experienced gear sets up. Whether you are a solo player or want to conquer vMA, if you like Necromancers and one bar builds, this is the build for you!

Video guide located at the bottom of the page.



  • Race: High Elf

  • Attributes: 64 Points in Magicka

  • Mundus: Thief

  • Food: Bi-Stat (HP+Magicka)

  • Potion: Any magicka potion or Tri-Pots.  Essence of Spell Power for maximum damage.




Law of Julianos

Grace of the Ancients

Magnus' Gift



Note:  The video below says to use Julianos Weapon and Jewelry and Winter's Respite Body Pieces.  However, I found this swapped set up was much cheaper to purchase and craft.



Note:  If you have less than 810 CP, check out the "EZ CP" link at the top of the screen.



Necromancer Skill Tree

Grave Lord

This is a ground based AOE that is empowered by 50% when used over a corpse.  You can use your own synergy for added burst and it procs your Winter's Respite Set, giving you constant healing.

Weapon Skill

Desctruction Staff

Coupled with a lightning staff this turns into a ground field of lightning damage, electrocuting enemies, helping to proc the off balance status effect, and exploding at the end for additional damage.

Necromancer Skill Tree

Grave Lord

This summons a skeleton that slams into enemies doing large aoe burst damage to all nearby enemeis.

Spirit Guardian

Necromancer Skill Tree

Living Death

This conjures a spirit that stays with you for 16 seconds.  It heals you or an ally with the lowest health every 2 seconds.  It also transfers 10% of the damage you take to the spirit.

Skeletal Arcanist

Necromancer Skill Tree

Grave Lord

This summons a skeletal mage minion at your side that blasts enemies with electricity.

This summons a huge colossus minion to smash and bash your enemies for massive damage and applying Major Vulnerability for 8 seconds, increasing their damage taken by 30%


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