This is a one bar PvE Necro Healer (MagCro) build with very cheap and easy to obtain gear for new players and experienced alike. Its great for new players, players new to healing, or someone who would like to heal effectively without having to deal with 2 bars.

Video guide located at the bottom of the page.



  • Race: Breton, High Elf

  • Attributes: 64 Points in Magicka

  • Mundus: Atronach

  • Food: Witchmother's Potent Brew

  • Potion: Any magicka potion




Earthgore Monster Set

Eyes of Mara


Note: You can also use the monster set: Chokethorn that is much easieir to obtain for newer players.





This is a strong heal over time that heals you or up to 3 nearby group members for 10 seconds.

Weapon Skill

Restoration Staff

Weapon Skill

Restoration Staff

This heals in a path in front of you, buffing group members with Minor Berserk increasing their damage done by 8% and increasing their physical and spell resistances with he buff Minor Resolve.

Weapon Ability

Restoration Staff

This is a ground based AOE heal that heals group members and restores magicka every time you or an ally is healed.

Spirit Guardian

Necromancer Skill Tree

Living Death

This conjures a spirit that stays with you for 16 seconds.  It heals you or an ally with the lowest health every 2 seconds.  It also transfers 10% of the damage you take to the spirit.

Resistant Flesh

Necromancer Skill Tree

Living Death

This is your main heal spammable.  It does a large heal to you or a group member and granting physical and spell resistances equal to half the amount healed for 3 seconds.  It does however give you the negative effect Minor Defile with reduces your healing received and health recovery by 15% for 4 seconds.

Renewing Animation

Necromancer Skill Tree

Living Death

This ultimate automatically resurrects  up o 3 group members at the target location.  You also restore magicka and stamina for each ally you try to resurrects.


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