This is a 1 bar easy PvE bow Sorcerer for overworld content, delvs, public dungeons, world bosses, dungeons, and veteran dungeons. It is very flexible allowing you to use most races and stamina orientated gear sets and also performs well at lower CP!

Video guide located at the bottom of the page.



  • Race: Any Stamina based race.

  • Attributes: 64 Points in Stamina

  • Mundus: Shadow (damage), Serpent (sustain)

  • Food: Dubious Camoran Throne

  • Potion: Any base stamina potions or with Major Savagery for max damage



Note:  Dont stress over bow traits.  Ideally you want Nirnhoned or Sharpened.  However, charged or infused will work just fine until you are able to get them.





This applies a strong poison damage over time effect to the enemy that increases in damage by 100% if they are below 50% health.

Sorcerer Skill Tree

Storm Calling

A self buff that buffs you with Major Brutality and Sorcery increasing your weapon and spell damage by 20%.  It also heals you when doing critical damage.  This is your main source of healing.

This is your main spammable that fires a bolt at your main target and additional bolts to surrounding enemies for less damage.  You can also used Focused Aim from the bow line here for a more traditional bow spammable.  You'll gain a bit more single target damage, but lose aoe damage.

This sprays AOE acid damage in a cone in front of you and applies a short poison damage over time effect.

Sorcerer Skill Tree

Daedric Summoning

This buffs you with 8% increased stamina and 10% more light attack damage.  Light and heavy attacks also grant a charge (up to a max of 4) that you can reactive the ability to spend the charges for big burst damage.  Its typically best to use this ability at 4 charges.  You can also use the Summon: Twilight Tormentor for a second pet for passive, less buttons to push, and a bigger burst heal than the clanfear.

This drops a turret that unleashes a ton of damage to your enemy over 5 seconds.


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