1b MAGblade.png

This is a 1 bar Magicka build for both new and experienced playerse. I have included There is 1 bar for single target orientated content (or a small handful of enemies 2-3) and one for aoe. This build works great in entry level basic crafted gear.

1b STAMblade.png

This is a 1 bar PvE Stamina build for both new and experienced players alike.  I have 2 gear variations for new and experienced players and a few skill alternatives to help fit the content you are doing.

1b BOWblade.png

This is a crazy fun Stamina Nightblade bow build for PvP! It works from both ranged to bow snipe and close combat giving you all the tools to blow up enemies all over the map and collect that sweet AP. 

It works for both cp and non cp PVP however it is much stronger in no cp pvp.


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