This is an off-meta Dual Wield Stamina Necro build that utilizes the strengths of malacath and proc sets.  It uses NO spammable!


This is a 1 bar PVE solo and dps build called The Tether Lord.  It is very tanky and will allow you to do anything in overworld, dungeons, and even vMA!

1b MagCro.png

This is a 1 Bar PvE DPS build for both new players and experienced players. It uses zero light attacks with a lightning, frost, and minion summon theme. It is very tanky and pumps out great damage.  Easily clears vMA!

1b NecroHEals.png

This is a 1 bar PvE Healer build with very cheap and easy to obtain gear for new players and experienced who would like to learn healing or heal effectively without having to use 2 bars!


Live Stream Schedule:

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  • Saturday: Time varies.

  • Sunday: Time varies.

  • Monday: Off